Mantair Instalation.

For many people without mains drainage, usually in rural areas where the connection cost to the sewers is uneconomical, the disposal of waste sewage is a never ending problem, i.e. continuous emptying costs of cesspools or septic tanks plus soakaway systems failing and causing back up in the drains. The only alternative to these problems has been to have a small sewage treatment plant installed, to produce an effluent suitable for discharge direct to a watercourse. The cost of installing a private sewage treatment plant has made it a last option for the majority of families. However, the Mantair range apart from being available as a complete packaged treatment plant, is also available as a ‘Conversion Unit’ for installation into existing septic tanks and cesspools.

Mantair approved installer and service enginners - photo of tank being installed.  Link to Mantair website.

The Mantair Sewage Treatment Conversion Unit was introduced into the sewage treatment market in 1984 to convert existing septic tanks and cesspools into small sewage treatment plants, producing an effluent in compliance with the Environmental Agency’s guidelines for discharge direct to a watercourse.

The Mantair Conversion Unit fits completely within the existing tankage, thus avoiding the costs and inconvenience that is normally associated with installing a treatment plant, i.e. heavy machinery across clients’ gardens, reinstatement of gardens, access problems and the removal of large amounts of soil. The only civil engineering works required are two ‘hand-dug’ trenches.

Since its introduction in 1984, the Mantair Conversion Unit has proved to be the most economical and easy to install sewage treatment plant, with approximately 1000 installations throughout the UK to date.

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