Mantair Instalation.

Presented with high flow leakage through virtually any substrate, resin is injected directly into the flowing water, and reacts in under 3 seconds - infiltration is instantly stopped in its tracks and the void is rapidly filled, without any absorption of water.

Mantair approved installer and service enginners - photo of tank being installed.  Link to Mantair website.

The cured polyurethane product performs well with all but the most severe solvent or chemical attacks, such as from highly concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid. Furthermore, in comparison to the cement alternative often used, this product holds a range of advantages:

  • Will cure through flow rates of up to 3 litres per second + .
  • Injection into the finest of fractures, rather than just covering them up.
  • Will reconstitute, even in flowing water, unlike other materials which can be susceptible to washout.
  • Up to 950 bar (13,700 psi) compressive strength.
  • 90% cure within minutes, meaning work can continue almost immediately.

Water ingress stopped by resin injection.

Process Description

Resin injection suitable for all types of tankage ie concrete,brick and fibreglass without excavation. Holes are drilled from the inside of the tank through to the outside. Injection packers are inserted into the holes and resin is forced to the outside wall of the tank. The resin reacts with the incoming water expands and seals instantly.

More details available on request.