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Septic Tank Conversion Unit

Is your septic tank discharging to a watercourse?

Is your septic tank soakaway failing?

Is your septic tank causing a smell nuisance?

If so, convert your existing septic tank into a fully functioning sewage treatment plant in an environmentally friendly way, by installing a MANTAIR conversion unit.

The MANTAIR septic tank conversion unit provides a discreet, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage treatment for domestic dwellings and small scale commercial and industrial premises without mains drainage, but where existing tankage is present.

Septic Tank Solutions

The system is a fourth generation of septic tank conversion unit from MANTAIR and it was recently granted a UK Patent. Like previous versions, this system is a purpose made unit which is designed to fit into existing septic tanks or cesspools, effectively converting them into small independent sewage treatment plants. The MANTAIR unit can be installed into a wide variety of septic tanks or cesspools whether they are manufactured from GRP or constructed from traditional materials such as brick or concrete. Unlike other systems, the MANTAIR unit requires no additional filters or tanks.

The MANTAIR septic tank conversion unit is ideal for customers that are experiencing problems with a soak away, or who are considering a new treatment plant to replace their existing tank, to comply with current Environment Agency standards.

Installation of a MANTAIR unit provides not only an economical alternative to a new plant, but also a system that is completely hidden from view and one that requires minimal maintenance. The sewage is treated in an environmentally friendly way, by using a natural process, discharging a clean effluent which complies with all of the regulations governing the discharge to a natural watercourse as laid down by the Environment Agency.

Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

The first stage is to carry out an initial survey of your existing tank. This enables us to determine the condition of the tank and to ascertain the dimensions required by MANTAIR to manufacture your unit. Each conversion unit is custom built.

Septic Tank Solutions

The second stage is the on – site installation. The MANTAIR unit when installed stands on the floor of the existing tank. The tank must therefore be emptied and all debris removed from the floor of the tank prior to the installation taking place.

Septic Tank Solutions

On the majority of sites, only minor civil engineering works need to be carried out. This minimises the disturbance to established gardens.

Septic Tank Solutions

Finally, the unit is commissioned by our operatives, to ensure optimum operational effectiveness of your MANTAIR unit

Septic Tank Solutions

As with any septic tank, maintenance will involve an annual emptying. Your conversion unit should require minimal maintenance, which can be arranged through our maintenance division.

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