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Is your septic tank not working & causing flooding in your drains?

Septic Tank Solutions

Flooding Septic Tanks

The liquid level in a septic tank should be at the base of the outlet pipe. If working correctly, a septic tank should not at anytime flood. If a septic tank floods it is normally for one of the following reasons

Reason 1) The ‘T’ pipe which is connected to the outlet has become blocked and prevents liquid discharging from the tank

Reason 2) The tank has not been emptied when required (under normal usage this is annually), resulting in sewage solids passing through the tank into the soakaway and causing blockages

Reason 3) The soakaway was installed several years ago and is past its lifespan

Reason 4) The septic tank soakaway has been installed in unsuitable ground i.e. high water table or impermeable sub strata

What can be done?

Reason 1) This can normally be remedied by ‘roding’ the ‘T’ pipe and if necessary emptying the tank

Reason 2 & 3) Jetting of the soakaway may result in clearing any blockages. Should this not prove successful, then the construction of a new soakaway in a different part of the garden is an option. This will be dependent on a mandatory Percolation Test to prove that the sub strata is suitable for a soakaway and provide the information required to determine the length of soakaway required

Reason 4) Convert the existing septic tank into a small sewage treatment plant using the Mantair conversion unit. Mantair conversion units are ‘retro fit’ units which are installed within existing septic tanks or cesspools

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